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I tailor the photoshoot to you - creating a fun, easy-going environment to bring out those magical candid moments that result in dynamic images. I get it though, it can help to know what to expect during a shoot so everyone is on the same page. If you have any further questions, I am a message away!


  • A few posed photos. With all eyes looking at the camera, for the Christmas cards and to send to grandma.

  • A lot more candid and natural-looking photos. I like the shots where you are interacting with each other.

  • Direction and prompts that encourage movement. I try my best to have you loosen up and not looking stiff for the photos. 


  • Different combinations for larger groups. I will get a bunch of group shots, as well as individual families/couples/groupings, and any other requests for pairings.

  • I am going to go with the flow. Especially in regards to kiddos. Your little ones have had enough smiling for the camera and just want to play in the waves? Let's do it. I love it when sessions don’t go ‘according to plan.’ Following the kid's lead and just seeing where it takes us always leads to new and interesting ideas and perspectives. Kids are so amazing.

  • Dance parties encouraged! Seriously though, I'll bring a speaker if you bring the moves.

  • Your images will be delivered within 7 days. Hopefully even sooner… I know, I'm fast! (There could possibly be some exceptions, for example, if you do your session the day before I go on vacation.)

  • All images will be delivered to you in digital format. The images will be high-resolution and edited, delivered via an online gallery. I don’t send you printed images, I leave it up to you to decide which ones you want to be printed, what kind of prints and how big.

  • I will sort through all the images to choose the ones you get. I will not be delivering the images to you that show you mid-blink or mid-sneeze. (Unless it's very funny, then I might send it to you for a giggle.)

  • Bonus bloopers added to your gallery! Like the previously mentioned mid-sneeze. Sometimes I will include one or two photos that made me laugh in hopes that it makes you laugh as well :)


  • I will not be posing you down to the fingertips or making sure every last hair is in place. I want the session to feel fun and natural. Those teeny tiny little details are up to you if you feel that they matter.


  • I will not photoshop your face or body. You are beautiful just as you are, no matter what. I’m here to capture the real, not to change how you look because there is no need.


What is my favorite package and why?

Package number 3! No, not just because it is the highest dollar amount… but because the length of the session helps me spend the time with you to get to know you even more. I feel like we can get SO much done in that time and I always feel so fulfilled and satisfied after a 60-minute session. I never leave feeling like  “oh I wish we had more time for this, or to try that”.


Do I offer mini sessions? Can we do a 30-minute session but cut the number of photos in half for less money?

My starting package is 30 minutes long which I consider being pretty mini. Both the price of that package and the number of photos that I deliver to you is based on the amount of time we spend shooting.  (At least) 50 images are what I will usually get out of a 30-minute session. This is my “formula” that works for me and I try not to mess with that. :) Short answers... no, and no. 


What goes into the pricing?

I have a bachelor of fine arts with a specialty in photography. My business costs include permits for beach photography (I do everything legally!), equipment and gear (not cheap!), editing software, gallery delivery website subscription, website hosting fees, advertising, various other costs and fees. 


How can you pay?

I accept cash or cheque, as well as any major credit card via square (in person or invoice!).


What if it rains the day of or during your session?

Maui weather is pretty unpredictable. I always try to wait as long as possible to see what the weather will do before making any decisions. Sometimes it will rain in the morning or afternoon and be gorgeous for sunset. Sometimes it might drizzle for 30 seconds during a session. The great news is that when it rains, it is usually only for a couple of minutes. If this happens during your session, I highly encourage you to just go with the flow because this will usually result in a rainbow! If we end up having to cancel due to weather, your deposit will be applied to rescheduling your session for a later time during your trip (this is why it is a good idea to do your session at the beginning of your trip) or for your next trip to Maui. 


Are prints included in the packages?

I do not include printing with my packages, I leave that up to you but I try to make it as easy as possible with high-quality printing being offered through the online gallery that I deliver to you! I strongly urge you not to print at Costco, Walmart, Walgreens, Shutterfly etc. Yes the price is great but the quality is not so great. Instead, consider ordering directly from your online gallery, or use a local printing company.

We are staying in Ka'anapali, what beach would you recommend for us to shoot on?

Ka'anapali is such an amazing place to stay while on your Maui vacation and while the beaches are gorgeous, it is not legal to do professional photography on the beaches. (Again, I do things very legally!) Luckily, there are awesome beaches located close by. Baby Beach in Lahaina is a 10-minute drive south, and if you drive 10 minutes north there are plenty of great options. We will work it out!

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