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Gemma Rose Photography
Gemma Rose Photography
Gemma Rose Photography - Maui Photographer
About Me

I’m Gemma, a Maui Based Photographer.

Originally from Bowen Island, a magical little rock just off the coast of British Columbia. Attending university for Fine Arts, I found a passion for film photography. There is something about being limited to a set amount of photos, coupled with the anticipation of getting a roll developed, that creates a sense of joy that is hard to match. This passion developed into years of capturing moments of life and relationships of all kinds. 


This past year I became a mother to the coolest girl I know, Lyla Rose. I have always been obsessed with motherhood, but getting to experience the perfect disaster of a child reinforces the beauty I have always seen in others. Maternity is something that fascinates me to no end, humans growing other humans is pure magic. Recently my husband said that he couldn’t visualize what I had looked like with a belly anymore. I remembered how when I was pregnant I couldn’t recall what I looked like before the belly. “Thank goodness for photos” he said, and I smiled because that is exactly why I do what I do. 


Outside of photography, and being an infant's parent, I’m usually found enjoying the fresh air. Hiking, biking, swimming, surfing, and paddle-boarding. Excited to share my love of nature with my little island girl. 


These days, I can be found saving memories from all walks of life. I specialize in people. Couples on anniversary trips, families on an unforgettable vacation. Gender reveals new dog announcements, graduation pictures. Pregnant bellies, messy kids, happy grandparents. Whatever the moment may be, when captured, will be remembered for years to come. 

Gemma Rose Photography
Gemma Rose Photography


Our session will not be about posing you down to the fingertips and making sure that every last hair is in place, but I will be giving you simple directions and suggestions to let your personalities and unique relationships shine through. I capture a couple of relaxed portraits, and then plenty of room to breathe and be yourself. You don’t have to dress up and force a smile on a beach for an hour. (But you can if that’s the vibe you’re going for!) Feel free to make it your own.


From the couple that got shave ice in the middle of their wedding day, to the 8 months pregnant woman who got too hot so she jumped in the ocean, to the 3-year-old who decided to take all her clothes off to play in the waves. I embrace the untraditional. Wherever the session takes us, I am so happy to be documenting life’s real moments for you. As with the rest of my life, I am truly happy going with the flow during my photo sessions. The little smile on dad's face after his daughter does something unexpected. Grandma proudly holding her grandson's hand as they walk across the sand to the next photo spot. The pregnant woman laughing because the growing belly has her losing her balance.

For another photographer, things like this may go unnoticed. I find that these little moments are what make up my favorite images.

Gemma Rose Photography
Gemma Rose Photography
Gemma Rose Photography
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